Who We Are

We help regular people to better plan, prepare, and pay for healthcare costs – now and in retirement.

Financial wellness is critical to the success of everyone in society. We are building a product that promotes an environment where everyone can save and invest in their future.

We are a Silicon Valley-based diverse team of professionals with decades of experience in the Technology, Human Resources, and Retirement industries. Our first-hand experience of the pitfalls of complicated health plan choices, unclear and time-pressured decisions, and lack of clarity regarding coverage pushed us in making this product. We strongly believe the industry needs to provide simple, clear options and education to help people make the right decisions for their health situations.

Investing in one’s health and finances should be done as a comprehensive strategy. SavingsOak Team is here to help you with it – from saving your first dollar into HSA, your acorn, to growing into a well-funded retirement account, your Oak, for your retirement.