A Health Savings Account Designed For You.

Save & Invest In - Your Employees. Your Business. Your Future.

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The SavingsOak Difference

SavingsOak motivates and encourages people to save and invest their money for healthcare expenses in retirement. 

Investing Made Easy

  • Enabling every HSA accountholder to invest like a professional

  • Featuring a managed account option with risk-based, professionally managed portfolios or a self-directed investment account with a curated list of low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, and individual equities

Inspiring Rewards

  • Ongoing reward incentives encourage your employees to open an account, make pre-tax contributions, and invest their HSA dollars

Intuitive Tools and Education

  • Easy to use online tools, and an employee education program tailored to unique experience levels and learning styles, helps turn HSA spenders into savers and long-term investors

Made For Everyone

SavingsOak helps people save and invest their money for healthcare expenses now and in the future.

Offer benefits that help your employees without the overhead of administration.

Effective administration

Fast onboarding and an intuitive dashboard to monitor and administer your HSA program.

Payroll integrations

Streamline workflows using no-cost integrations with your payroll provider.

Training that inspires

In-tool delivered trainings for your employees and benefits managers to increase participation and engagement.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support for benefit managers to support your HSA program.

Save and invest your healthcare savings to realize your financial goals.

Simple onboarding

Register in under two minutes. Quickly access and manage your account.

Easily file expenses

File medically qualified expenses with the choice to reimburse immediately or defer it to save more money.

Invest for tomorrow

Invest today and grow your money tax-free for future heath costs or use it as a retirement tool.

Effortless roll-overs

Manage your health savings in one place for better access and easy management.

Reduce employer’s burden while helping their employees.

Simplified Administration

Simple onboarding and a centralized dashboard to deliver an unparalleled experience

Supported by Humans

A knowledgeable and dedicated team available throughout the journey - from account setup to participant support. Concierge customer service that goes above and beyond, every day.


A secure, scalable, stable platform that delivers a seamless experience - for employees, employers, you, and our partners.

Partners Section

Help your clients and their employees get more value

Drive more value to your clients and expand business offerings.


Learn the basics or understand the complexity of healthcare costs and financial wellness in simple words.

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